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There are all sorts of parties on Animal Jam. There is a Monkeys Only Party, Cruise Ship Party, Horses Only Party, Play Wild Party, Heatwave Party, Wolves Only Party, and so much more!

Summer Carnival

At the Summer Carnival you can play carnival game such as: Whack-A-Phantom, Darts, and more! You can also buy cool clothes and den items with tickets that you earn from the games.


Jam Session

At the Jam Session Party you can buy cool stuff such as: Drum, Guitar, and more! Also, you can play instruments and dance with friends! 😀

Play Wild Party

At the Play Wild Party you can dance and play wild with buddies and other jammers. You can also buy lots of cool den items such as: Strobe light, Disco ball, Turn tables, and much more!


Pets Only Party

At the Pets Only Party you can take any pet you have and you can groom it, dress it, wash it, and adopt new pets! :O


This is a picture of my Koala and my pet Arctic Wolf dancing.

Wolves Only Party

At the Wolves Only Party you can hang out with other wolves and your friends! 🙂


Atlantis Party

At the Atlantis Party you can swim around with other sea animals 🙂


Trading Party

At the Trading Party you can trade with other jammers and your friends!

Bunnies Only Party

At the Bunnies Only Party you can have a lot of fun with other bunnies!

Penguins Only Party

At the Penguins Only Party there are many fun things to do! You can also buy lots of den items such as: Ice chair, Penguin mat, Penguin flag, and more penguin stuff!

April Fools’ Party

At the April Fools’ Party you can hang out with friends in the upside down castle. You can buy all sorts of toys and April Fools’ den items such as: Upside Down Tea Set, Upside Down table, Upside Down Plant, and so much more! At the April Fools’ Party you can have a laugh!
April Fools' Party AJ