Hey everyone! This page is going to be about clans and how you can make them, How to dress like Warriors, ect.
Happy Jamming!

Here Are Some Warrior Looks:





You don’t have to use these looks, but something similar to these are great.

When you are trying to make a warrior look you want to make natural colors, no pink, or blue. Some great colors to use are White, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Brown, Dark brown, Dark Red, and Orange.

When you’re trying to dress yourself for battle you might want some weapons such as: Bow and Arrows, Swords, ect.
If you have some you might want to use: Headdresses, Fox Hats, Worn Blankets, Spike Collars, ect.

If you’re trying to make a clan den you might want these things in it: Trees, Purple Mats, Fire Pots, Flowers/Plants, Nature Archways (If you have them), ect.
If you need any ideas for your clan den and how to design it, you can look at my clan den and get some ideas:

  1. Thanks I’m Making A Nature Clan And If U Could Help user is : Jammer99957

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