Penguins Only Party

At the Penguins Only Party there are many fun things to do! You can also buy lots of den items such as: Ice chair, Penguin mat, Penguin flag, and more penguin stuff!


April Fools’ Party

At the April Fools’ Party you can hang out with friends in the upside down castle. You can buy all sorts of toys and April Fools’ den items such as: Upside Down Tea Set, Upside Down table, Upside Down Plant, and so much more! At the April Fools’ Party you can have a laugh!
April Fools' Party AJ

Horses Only Party

At the Horses Only Party you can play with other horses. You can play horse games, Play in the mud, and buy stuff! The Horses Only Party will sure bring you a smile!
Horse Party AJ

Cruise Ship Party

The Cruise Ship Party is one of my favorite parties! It has different things for everyone to enjoy! At the Cruise Ship Party you can lay down for a tan, swim, and hang out with your friends! You can also buy really cool things such as: Beach Towel, Inner Tube, Ship In A bottle, and so much more den items!
Cruise Ship party AJ2

Monkeys Only Party

Another party that is very fun is the Monkeys Only Party. The party is a big tree which you can climb. The party has different things to sell such as: Monkey Jungle Gym, Banana Plant, Banana Chair, and much more!
AJ Monkey Party

Paradise Party

One party on Animal Jam is the Paradise Party. You have to look all around the party for birds, you can also buy lots of cool stuff! Some stuff you can buy are: Paradise Banner, Paradise Mat, Paradise Table, and lots more cool den items!
Paradise Party Aj

Lost Ruins

Lost Ruins

Hey everyone this is a picture of me and my friend. Left (mbavbe/me) Right (lucas96318) 🙂


Ol’ Barn

Ol' Barn

This is a picture of my Barn. (I play the Bunny and the Horse) ^-^


Mushroom Hut

Mushroom Hut

Hey Jammers this is a picture of me in my purple room in my Mushroom Hut. 😐


Snow Fort

Snow Fort

Here is a picture of the inside –