Scammers are cheaters, stealers, and liars, they can try to trick you into giving them stuff and not giving you anything back. Example: “SEND ME FOX HAT AND I SEND YOU MINE!!!” Some scammer would probably say that. Don’t fall for these kinds of tricks, they can get you into lots of trouble. And also don’t be a scammer yourself, because that gets you into more trouble and you get nowhere. Tip: If you ever get scammed or see someone trying to scam another person, just report them for scamming and block them, so they don’t get you to fall for their trick.

Here is a scammer I found today (April 3, 2013)

“Scammer!” I yelled back to him.
“Scam!” I said. Then he quickly left because he thought I caught him scamming.

Here is a scammer I found today (April 3, 2013)

“Send me fox hat and I send my fox hat back!”
“Scammer!” I shouted
“Well I don’t know how to trade.”
“If you’re a member you should know how to trade by now! People should of known how to trade on their first day of playing Animal Jam!” I said. Then sara92227 just ran off.
Tip: Scammers are bad jammers!

Scammer- yobrogirl (April 3, 2013)

“I never accept any trades!” yobrogirl said. Okay so, I knew this was a huge scam, but I wanted to get proof. She had a tiara for nonmembers on her trade list, and I decided to trade her my ‘rare’ cupcake hat. And guess what?! She accepted and ran away! *sigh* Be a jammer not a scammer!
Tip: Report and block scammers!

Today’s scammer: Zye81057

Zye81057 is claiming that if you send her your best rare, she will send her best rare. Why couldn’t she just trade? I don’t get the point of sending things when there is the Trading System. I have a question for her: “Ever heard of the Trading System? I don’t think you have.” And jammers remember to block and report scammers like this one.
Happy Jamming! -mbavbe

Hey jammers here is the scammer of the day: chole5461

Sorry I have no picture for this one. Okay so, today (4-21-13) I found this girl in Jamaa Township saying,
“Trust trade at my den! (Don’t scam anybody there)!” chole5461 said. I knew it was a scam because trust trading is always a scam. So I went to her den to see what it was like, and how she was going to scam. She started dancing and saying “TRUST TRADE ME AND I TRUST TRADE YOU!” So then I started to “Trust Trade” Her to see what she would do. I traded her my upside down window and a golden bow and arrow for her necklace. To make it look like she is not scamming, she declined both of those trades. After she declined that I decided to trade her my 2nd Birthday Cake for her necklace. And guess what?!?!?! She accepted and ran off somewhere else probably to go find another victim to scam. And if you’re wondering why I don’t have a picture, it’s because she changed her username after she ran off so I couldn’t report her anymore. So jammers please report anyone that tries to scam and if you see someone trying to scam another jammer or yourself. And remember: “BE A JAMMER NOT A SCAMMER” And “Be safe online, don’t give out your personal info or try to scam!”


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