On this page I’m going to be showing you jammers some amazing or not so amazing updates on Animal Jam. Happy Jamming! -Warriorlifeforever8 or mbavbe

Many jammers across Jamaa have been surprised about the Diamond Shop coming to Jamaa. Jammers have heard that members get 1 free diamond every week. And you can spend your diamonds on items you want! Some jammers have been sad about the diamond shop, hearing that they’re selling member gifts! And other jammers are happy to hear they can buy Tail Armors, Legendary Gloves, Clouds, and more.
Some people have put in so much effort working for those items, and now those ‘rare’ items are not rare at all anymore. Can you believe it? Many jammers have been saying that Spike Collars are returning! Some jammers I’ve seen have said “Yay! I can’t believe Spikes are coming back!! I’ve always wanted one and now they’re coming back!” When I’m saying, “Really? I mean, so many jammers will be so mad about this! They’ve worked so hard!” And when jammers see other jammers saying they’re mad about this they say “They’re just pixels! Deal with it!!” If you think they’re just PIXELS why are you so happy to see the member gifts returning? But what I’m really mad about is this:
Lions, Arctic Wolves, Snow Leopards, really?! Jammers have spent REAL MONEY to buy those member cards! Say you bought an Arctic Wolf code, and then you see you can buy them, wouldn’t you be mad?? I would! Animal Jam is scamming your money basically! And on the other side, jammers are quite happy to see that they can buy the member animals. So what do you think? Yay or Nay? Comment below and tell me! – Warriorlifeforever8 or mbavbe

Hiya Jammers! Today I have some special news about the new animal in Jamaa! KANGAROOS!! Yup, it’s true. Most jammers are saying that you can only buy the Kangaroo giftcard in Australia and New Zealand, and that’s it, not for sale in America or Canada ever. Well, that’s not true at all! I emailed AJHQ and they said that the Kangaroo giftcard is for sale only in Australia and New Zealand right now. That America, Canada, and other countries are going to sell the Kangaroo giftcard SOON! I can’t wait! Are you going to buy the Kangaroo giftcard when it comes out? Or do you already have a Kangaroo? Tell me in the comments!
And here’s one cool jammer that has a Kangaroo:

Hello jammers! I’m here today to tell you about some new incredible armor for sale in the Diamond Shop. Introducing… Phoenix Armor!
This incredible armor has already been added to lots of jammer’s inventories all across Jamaa! Lots of jammers have already spent their diamonds on this never before seen armor! Are you going to get this amazing armor in the Diamond Shop, or do you already have it? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

MY NEW ACCOUNT – Warriorlifeforever8
Hey jammers! Today I just wanted to tell you about my new account on AJ. My username is Warriorlifeforever8. I don’t have many friends on this account, so you can send me a buddy request if you’d like. Also, I love reading Jam-A-Grams from you guys! My old account’s buddy list is almost full guys, I’m sorry! If you’re my buddy on mbavbe, I’m sorry that I won’t be on that account as much anymore. I just wanted to tell you about this update, because some of my old friends might be wondering if I’m still alive, and yes I am.. O.O

Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you about this update that I’m not very happy about.. betas returning. All across Jamaa jammers have be raging over the beta items coming back to store. Just look at this and you’ll see:
Beta Pots, Beta Computer, Beta Stone Chair, and more have come back for sale in stores. AJHQ doesn’t even think when it comes to bringing back betas. AJHQ, if you’re reading this, let me say something to you.. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! Can you please think about jammers for once, besides yourself? LOTS of jammers have worked so hard for these betas, and now they mean nothing anymore, since they’re back in store. Ok, I’m sorry, I’m just a little mad about this, as you can see. Please tell me what you think about betas returning in the comments below.


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